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Matthew Wigglesworth

Hello, My Name is Matthew

Matthew is an artist and surfer from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. His art represents a surf culture that enjoys riding retro designs like twin fishes, single fins, and longboards. Matthew is passionate and gets stoked on the vintage inspired colours, patterns, shapes and lines these boards draw on the wave. His art is for those that enjoy living simply, who seek to practice positive lifestyle choices in and out of the water. A people who are open, creative, happy and ocean friendly.

Each piece of Matthew's artwork is created from those places in his mind and heart, from his soul and what he visualises around him, from his travels and experiences. To be framed from his place to your place, a reminder of good times and moments that have captured our spirits and caused a stoked smile both inward and outward. A nostalgic art for an appreciation of all that is good in this surf culture life and ocean inspired lifestyle.